June 17, 2017

Free Web-Tool for Online Learning Success

Conway, SC, June 20, 2017 — Received with acclaim, eLearnReady (https://elearnready.com) debuted at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) 2017 conference held in New Orleans last April. eLearnReady is a free, research-based web tool designed to analyze students’ preparedness for online learning. With this tool, course instructors can register their class with the website and provide a class-specific URL to their students. Students will then visit this link and complete a 43-item survey aligned to nine targeted online success factors in online classes. After students complete the survey, eLearnReady analyzes their responses to identify their strengths and areas for improvement for online learning. The survey results are then provided to students as a comprehensive report, complete with study tips and videos that demonstrate methods for being a successful online learner. After their students complete the survey, course instructors receive a class profile that compiles all their students’ results enrolled in a specific course. Instructors will then be able to use that class profile to inform their instruction and differentiate it to meet the needs of their online students.

Originally developed by Dr. Corey Lee from Coastal Carolina University as part of an independent research project, eLearnReady has transformed into a tool institutions of higher education (IHE) can use to meet best practice student support goals. Since eLearnReady was introduced at OLC, over 1,300 students have completed the survey across multiple states. IHEs can easily embed eLearnReady into college and transfer student orientation sessions, freshmen seminar classes, and other online courses to support students. With IHEs already purchasing readiness assessments from corporations, eLearnReady provides them with a high-quality, general alternative at no cost. eLearnReady can be also be customized to meet specific needs of IHEs for a small fee based on enrollment.

Customization options with eLearnReady include adding an institution-specific logo and campus URL to the survey (e.g., https://YourName.eLearnReady.com), a mobile interface designed for smartphone and tablet use, an enhanced dashboard for instructors, heightened security through HTTPS, access to additional student data points, and an environment free of advertisements. Additional customization options are also available by request.

To ensure the quality of eLearnReady’s survey, reliability and validity analyses were conducted, which demonstrated that it is a sound tool. Interested parties can request those materials by contacting info@elearnready.com.

eLearnReady would not have been possible without the contributions of Dr. Sherri Restauri, Dr. Todd Cherner, Dr. Natalie Abell, Mrs. Jennifer Shinaberger, and Mr. Lee Shinaberger.

For more information about eLearnReady, please contact info@elearnready.com.