You are currently viewing Online Orientation Activities (Shared by C. Mott)

Online Orientation Activities (Shared by C. Mott)

Activity #1: Getting to Know You Survey

This survey is to submit thru a link provide to Google forms

Students are required to log in and complete the survey by 11:55 on the 3rd day or class. This is used to verify class attendance.

Activity #2: Scavenger Hunt

Log into the Moodle page and review the syllabus,  discussion forum Module s and assignments. Download this template for the Scavenger Hunt and complete it Submit it by the 5th day of the class.


  1. Who many Modules total does this course cover?_____________
  2. In which week is the module on Credit cards? _______________
  3. Create a Discussion thread to introduce yourself to the rest of the class.
  4. in the Submission section, How many assignments are due through the end of this course ?_____________
  5. How many discussion submissions are required for the this course?____________
  6. Submit this template as scavenger hunt under submissions.

Submit  before  11:59  p.m.  U.S.  EST/EDT  on  Day  5  of  this  module.

Activity #3: Introduction Post

In the discussion forum, create a post to introduce yourself to the class. Post should include your name and any other personal information that you do not mind sharing with other. A photo of yourself is welcome by not required. You are required to respond to at least 2 of your class mates post.

Make  your  initial  posts  before  11:59  p.m.  U.S.  EST/EDT  on  Day  5  of  this  module.  After  making  your  initial  postings,  review  at least  two  of  your  classmates’  postings  and  reply  to  their  threads.  Complete  your  replies  before  11:59  p.m.  U.S.  EST/EDT on  the  last  day  of  this  module.

Discussion  postings  should  always  be  thoughtful  and  courteous  and  include  some  references  or  direct  evidence  from  the  module’s  content,  readings,  or  assignments  to  support  your  statements.  In order  to  ensure  that  postings  are  appropriate  in  length  and  substance,  please  limit  your  initial  postings  to  50  –100  words  and  each  of  your  responses  to  25  –50  words.