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eLearnReady Customization F.A.Q.

Can you tell us exactly what the free version of eLearnReady includes (what can we do, as well as limitations) versus the paid version (what can we do, as well as limitations)?

Free version:

Paid version:
Your institution is welcome to adopt eLearnReady as it is for free of charge. If you would like to customize this system for your use, we offer this additional service through an institutional membership. With the standard customized version, you have a dedicated, personalized website that includes the following features:

  • Your university logo;
  • smartphone friendly survey;
  • unique, secure URL, such as;
  • unique eLearnReady dashboard for instructors;
  • teacher’s access to student assessment reports (demo:;
  • administrators’ access to four unique reporting pages (demo:;
  • access to all student responses (raw data);
  • usage reports (from students and teachers);
  • ability to request minor modification to survey items, report page, and class profile page;
  • SSL secure connection (https://….); and,
  • no advertisements.

Advanced customizations (with additional charge) may include:

  • API integration;
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for your course management system,
  • Others, by request and approval of eLR staff

What kind of information is collected from students? So far, it appears like school email address, gender, and age range are all connected with survey responses. Is student information that is collected housed on your server or on ours? Where is data kept? How do you ensure privacy and security? What if there is a breach?

Student information is collected with the survey instrument at The system also logs user’s browser type, operation system, IP, and completion date/time. The information is stored on our own server in the format of mySQL database. Due to copyright management, eLearnReady may only be hosted on our server. Several methods are employed to ensure privacy and security. First, SSL is employed to secure the connection between our server and the end-user’s browser. Second, several means are employed to prevent potential attacks at server level and site level (See our security plan for detail). Third, the database is fully backed up on a daily basis to a remote server including the use of an encryption key. If there should be any data lost, the system can be restored within 24 hours.

Is the survey and results page accessible-ready?

We continually strive to maintain both our website and the eLearnReady tool to all accessibility standards, including ADA. For example, all video clips used in this our website have time-synched closed-captioning embedded, and meet the WCAG W3C AA Standards. Best practices in table headers, captions, and similar accessibility standards are followed in all designs and updates. Users experiencing any difficulties in accessing or using the eLearnReady tool may contact us directly for assistance and/or alternative format options. A VPAT may be acquired by request from institutions adoption eLearnReady for implementation.

With the paid version, is our campus able to suggest/change a theme/template for the appearance of the survey and the assessment pages? What kind of access would we have to customize the appearance of the survey? If the above is possible, is there a limit to the number of changes that can be made?

The paid version of eLearnReady comes with two-hour standard customization package. All changes to the website can be performed solely by our technicians to avoid any malfunction of the system or security breach. If the customization requires more than two hours, eLearnReady’s charge per additional unit of time is $110.00 per hour. Clients will be notified of the required hours and anticipated cost before the customization is implemented.

Do you have a security plan in place that we could have a copy of?

You can download a copy of our security plan at the following link:
eLearnReady Security Plan