Sierra H.

I think this survey is a great way to receive feedback from your students, as well as get to know your students better as learners. It’s also nice that it allows students to see the results and gives them study tips and videos to improve their areas of weakness. One area this tool could use improvement in is the wording it uses for the survey results. Just because a learner doesn’t learn best visually or auditory, it shouldn’t use words such as “moderate proficiency.” This could be taken the wrong way by students thinking that they must learn a certain way, when in reality each individual students learns best in different ways.

This tool can help learners by allowing them to see how they learn best, as well as show them useful study tips and how they can improve their online learning. This tool can help teachers by showing them how each of their students learn, allowing them to take this information and adapt the course to fit the learning needs of all students.