Nicole F.

This survey tool is very beneficial to online courses. The survey results are detailed and visual and can help the teacher and students understand different aspects of the learner. I like the visuals that were provided, because I think many people can look at the easy-to-understand visuals and compare where they are and where they need to be for success. I also like the detailed text with tips to help the learner improve. They too are easy to read and understand.

The only thing I could say that I think would be detrimental to the success of the survey is the actual user. Which, I can’t say can be controlled. For young learners, it would be important that they are honest with the questions and answer them as intended vs. what they think they should say.

I like that the teacher can determine class patterns. This would help a teacher to know what type of instruction would be beneficial to their students. For example, the teacher would need to create classroom content that was a mixture of text and instructional videos. Some students like learning at their pace with reading materials and some would like a video to learn from.