Hannah R.

My impression of this tool is that it is user friendly. I think it is easy to set up and assign for teachers. With this tool though I do not see much versatility with it. It seems to be only useful for upper grades and only surveys engagement in an online course. I think this website could be more beneficial if it could be applicable for younger grades as well, and the wording was changed to fit the given grade level. I understand that an early elementary child may not know how to reflect and answer these questions but their families involved in the learning experience may be able to.

I think this tool can help learners in an online classroom by being assigned as a pre-self-reflect to get students to consider what they should expect from themselves in an online class. Then it should be assigned in the middle of the course as a check in and then again at the end of the course. This can be useful for teachers to understand their students better, and how they can adapt the course for better engagement and learning experiences.