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This free tool provides self-administered assessment designed to help students evaluate their readiness for online classes. Since 2017, this readiness tool has been used by hundreds of thousands of university students and teachers across the states.

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eLearning Assessment and Advising System for Students and Teachers


When students are taking the eLearnReady assessment survey, they will be directed to a survey page, which is smartphone friendly, and contains 43 questions.


After completing the survey, students will be provided an assessment report based on their responses to the survey items. This report contains graphical information, study tips in text, and videos to support their study habits.


If you are an instructor and want to view aggregated students’ responses as a class profile, you can create an account with this system and generate a unique survey link for your class.

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eLearnReady is led by a group of educators and researchers who are dedicated to assist learners  in the online learning environment. Dr. Corey Lee and Dr. Natalie Abell initiated this project while offering online courses at the University of Findlay in 2003. Drs. Lee and Abell observed that many students choose to take online courses because of their availability and convenience, even though they are not experienced or prepared for online learning. Helping students understand the nature and expectations of online learning is critical for success. In a review of the literature relating to successful learning online, Drs. Lee and Abell identified multiple essential attributes for online learning. As a result,  they developed a diagnostic an intervention system based on them, which serves as eLearnReady’s backbone.

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